Connections IN Health Coalition Map

In every corner of Indiana, local coalitions are working diligently to improve the health of Hoosiers. As you are embarking on your Coalition Trip, consider the efforts of the coalitions in your community. You may be able to join forces and coordinate your efforts. The map and table below display many of the local coalitions throughout Indiana to give you a glimpse at the amount of work happening across the State.

Please use the interactive map below by:

  • Hovering over a county to see the number of coalitions
  • Clicking on an individual county to filter the tables below showing more information about existing coalitions

Be sure to scroll below to the map to see the coalitions and their main focus.

If you do not see a local coalition you work with on the map and would like to, OR if you would like to suggest an edit to a coalition, please use this form to submit new information!

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